PeltaPeeps at Dragonflight 2017 on Aug 25-27

Join us at Dragonflight 2017, a 3-day celebration of tabletop gaming on Aug 25-27 at the Bellevue Hilton, WA to play PeltaPeeps. AH…PELTAPEEPS…. Easy to learn but difficult to master, it’s a game of calculation and diplomacy. Place tiles to make connections, then flip or move other people’s pieces–but not your own! Improve someone else’s

PeltaPeeps is Coming!

It’s coming! A  boardless board game – PeltaPeeps and PeltaPeeps in Love is 2 games in 1. And it’s for 2 or 4 players of all ages! (an expansion pack is already in the works to make it 2 to 6 player) The play combines puzzle solving and shifting strategy where PeltaPeeps- an ancient race from the world of