PeltaWorld is a game that has been in the works for going on 3 years, thru hurricane, pandemic, digging out, packing , moving and doing it all over again. While that was going on, it was slowly getting settled on how the game would let you play out the human farce that is climate change tragedy.
They started by making the board out of 7, instead of 8, territory hexes. Now there are 3 pairs of game board territories, designed for each of 3 players. The 4th has only 1 territory hex. That’s when all Hell broke loose-
The player with only 1 territory will be at the center of the board which is a perfect place to mess with everyone else. PeltaPeeps, being who they are- started choosing sides and some smartass yelled, “the TeknoPeeps VS EkoPeeps! “ and a look of happy evil spread all across the dungeon.