PeltaPeeps is HERE!

PeltaPeeps is a totally new tabletop game!

This simple but deep game has a rich story that’s expressed in each piece as well as how it plays. It really started way before the game and can be found on peltagames.com under WTP- How Pelta Games got Started. But that’s another story.

Stick with your PeltaPeeps thru thick & thin – get crowned the winner!

Loosely based on gender and neural networks, PeltaPeeps combines making and breaking connections with shifting strategy to go “eye to eye” with other player-peeps. The player with the most points is crowned Supreme Peepbah, Royal Peltarc of Peltandia!

  • For 2 – 6 players of all ages, 10-80 minutes to play, and only a few rules – play is easy with endless room for surprising ways to win!
  • Each turn, connect another of your playing pieces to the growing board made up of PeltaPeeps. But watch out!

Other players can change your plans and you can change theirs. So keep an eye on your fellow peeps or try to make deals – it’s all up to you in a race to be crowned Royal Peltarc!


Visit us on Kickstarter- here

PeltaPeeps prototype playing pieces tilesheet
Peep playing pieces in action