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Derek ‘Dez’ Maggs – Reviewer for &
“The Gameplay of PeltaPeeps (is) awesome. …At first glance, I thought PeltaPeeps was going to be an easy quick relaxing game with very little to it, but after playing several games it really isn’t. …it’s the mind game between players that is where this game becomes so intelligent. … (and) has a beautiful complexity to it.
PeltaPeeps is actually one of my biggest surprises this year.”
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CYRUS KIRBY, FatherGeek Review- from PeltaPeeps Game Overview:
“…Douglas Horton, said ‘The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.’ … We take small problems and create large solutions. The real trick is to solve big problems with simple solutions. Can it be done? This game aims to prove that it can…”
(2 out of 3 endorsements)
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JASON  KOEPP – Editor in Chief Most of us here are pretty nerdy. And many of us don’t make connections with others too easily. That’s what we’ve got our games for. It’s a social activity that helps “break the ice” with others. Well, Pelta Games is looking to bring something like that to the tabletop with PeltaPeeps, their new board game.

ROB KALAJIAN- Writer, Media Personality Playing PeltaPeeps couldn’t be easier… a really enjoyable game with simple rules, but a lot of strategy . It’s a game of planning ahead, a bit of bluffing, and sometimes making sacrifices so a better move can be made further down the line… will see a lot of play with my family. My kids have already requested to play with me multiple times and… pulled the game out on their own many times since it’s arrived.
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CALLI WELSCH – Writer, Editor PeltaPeeps …(has) a lot of playability and strategy. Over time, players gain a spatial awareness and understanding, even intuitively “seeing” the good plays to make and how to best foil their opponents… The pieces are very playful and fun… The peeps have great personality. And it’s just plain fun to fit pieces together. Players who enjoy strategy games like Splendor, Go, and Carcassonne will enjoy PeltaPeeps.


NICOLE BRADY- Sahm Reviews Pelta Games, the creators of PeltaPeeps got their start as glass makers. Their history at the design studio is what inspired the creation of this game!  I love the look of the pieces – and the game is fun…
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