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Player Comments & Interviews
HELEN L   Great fun ! Very challenging. Thought provoking. Forces me to think and plan my next moves even though the board is ever changing.
CHAS A  Its a blast! Can’t wait to play again. The concept allows you to strategize for your gain & block the other player from winning.
ANTHONY H  Well-balanced and easy play. Endless strategy. I like when you placed a Peep and then moved somebody else to benefit or make them lose points.
JOEL R  Reminds me of Bones and Hive both of which I enjoy. The game mechanic is very different and way more fun. Kept me engaged the whole game.
DANIEL S  Really enjoyed. Love the Feel and Look of the pieces!  Couldn’t move my own pieces but liked the idea of negotiating with my Peeps to get their help and also help them. You guys got something here, keep it up!
MARIANNE B  Each time I play, I learn more. It’s all about the score!
SUSAN F  Very fun! Easy to learn, with lots of possibilities during play + scoring. Moving and flipping other people’s’ pieces – loved that. I love the pieces – colors + design.
JOHN T  Like that the pieces really fit together well and are waterproof so if a drink spills, no foul no harm!  Can take them to the beach or camping and play with my whole family.
KEVIN M  Simple mechanic, satisfying, very tactile. It was like you don’t want to take the time to score during the game – this was good because it kept things moving!
HAL D  Able to think through your next move during other’s turns so when mine rolled around, I could play and keep the game rolling. Liked that the scores are always close and everyone had a chance to win up to the end of the game.
SANDRA T  My husband doesn’t like games, but he really enjoyed it – wants to play again. We will take it when we go on vacation.


Game Reviews

JASON  KOEPP – Editor in Chief Most of us here are pretty nerdy. And many of us don’t make connections with others too easily. That’s what we’ve got our games for. It’s a social activity that helps “break the ice” with others. Well, Pelta Games is looking to bring something like that to the tabletop with PeltaPeeps, their new board game.

CALLI WELSCH – Writer, Editor PeltaPeeps …(has) a lot of playability and strategy. Over time, players gain a spatial awareness and understanding, even intuitively “seeing” the good plays to make and how to best foil their opponents… The pieces are very playful and fun… The peeps have great personality. And it’s just plain fun to fit pieces together. Players who enjoy strategy games like Splendor, Go, and Carcassonne will enjoy PeltaPeeps.