PeltaPeeps Game


PeltaPeeps poster
Stick with your PeltaPeeps thru thick and thin and be crowned the winner!

Loosely based on gender and neural networks, PeltaPeeps combines making and breaking connections and shifting strategy to go eye to eye with other player peeps. The player with the most points is crowned Supreme Peepbah, Royal Peltarc of Peltandia!

2 – 6 players for all ages – only a few rules make play easy with endless room for surprising ways to win! 

Each turn, you connect another of your playing pieces to the growing board made up of PeltaPeeps. But watch out! Other players can change your plans and you can change theirs.

So keep an eye on your fellow peeps or try to make deals – it’s all up to you in a race to be crowned Royal Peltarc!

For a quick look at the game go to our Pelta Games YouTube channel for 4 player and 6 player playtest videos.

Or go down this page to the video review under Reviews / Press.

Basic Game Play

Object: Make the most points connecting pieces to win.

Game Pieces: (Core game- 8 per player [below], Full game- 16 per player):

PeltaPeeps Core Game

There are 3 different types of playing pieces –
1. PeltaDragon Eggs (PeltaEggs have scales),
2. Sleeping PeltaPeeps
3. Awake PeltaPeeps (have eyes)

Game Start & End:
2 or 4 and up to 6 players choose a color and select the starting player. 1st player places a piece in the middle of play area. Game ends when a player plays their last piece or cannot place one of their new pieces in play because there is no place that one fits.

Play continues with each player to the left of last player in rounds. In a turn player –
1. Must place a piece by fitting it into any piece or pieces in the play area.
2. May choose to  move or flip any other player’s piece already in play.

All scoring is done at end of game and is based on number and types of connections to other pieces as well as type and position of pieces.

Playing Time can be 10 to 20 mins for a 2 player Core Game or as much as 90 mins or more for a 6 player SuperSet Full Game.

You can play a demo version online for free at Tabletopia– but a word of warning:
Even with a platform physics engine upgrade our playing pieces can make impossible moves. So, 
if you find it buggy, slow and cumbersome online- it is. The real game definitely is NOT.
 Game Pieces

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3 Game Versions –
PeltaPeeps Core Game: 2 or 4 player 
Get the 4 Player Core Game: 32 pc. Box contains rules, score sheet and 4 sets of 8 game pc.s of laser engraved/cut 1/4″ hardwood.

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PeltaPeeps Full Game: 2 or 4 player 
Get the 4 Player Core Game: 32 pc. Box contains rules, score sheet and 4 sets of 8 game pc.s of laser engraved/cut 1/4″ hardwood.

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PeltaPeeps SuperSet Full Game: 2 to 6 player
6 Player SuperSet FULL Game: 96 pc. Box contains rules, score sheet and 6 sets of 16 game pc.s of laser engraved/cut 1/4″ hardwood.

But Who Are PeltaPeeps?

A simple, yet deep game- PeltaPeeps has a rich story that’s expressed in each piece as well as how it plays. It really starts long before the game was made. But that’s another story.

So this is the 1st game from our Magic Game Table and the story of the PeltaPeeps appeared at the same time. It was found on the table along with the game design early Thanksgiving morning, 2016. All we can reveal from the story right now is this-

…PeltaPeeps keep much of their ancient Peltan qualities, but in peculiar, concentrated ways. Like their habit of falling in love at eye contact. They’re pretty competitive and smart… often act odd and do… funny things. They love a good laugh even though, like everything else-  they can only do it with their eyes.

…so there’re far fewer PeltaPeeps that are wide awake and on the loose. …having adventures… happily looking for a new home where all their sleeping friends can wake… (to) build New Peltandia and live there for evermore.

In the notes the magic table left, it says, “…this game will help searchers on behalf of the original Peltragons, find the home they seek.” 

Of course, all this is pretty hard to believe. But what do you expect from a magic table? 

Reviews / Press

Tabletop Gaming News –

“Most of us here are pretty nerdy. And many of us don’t make connections with others too easily. That’s what we’ve got our games for. It’s a social activity that helps “break the ice” with others. Well, Pelta Games is looking to bring something like that to the tabletop with PeltaPeeps, their new board game.”
– by Jason “Polar_Bear” Koepp Editor in Chief 

Unfiltered Gamer Blog Review –
“PeltaPeeps …(has) a lot of playability and strategy. Over time, players gain a spatial awareness and understanding, even intuitively “seeing” the good plays to make and how to best foil their opponents… The pieces are very playful and fun… The peeps have great personality that players of all ages will enjoy. And it’s just plain fun to fit pieces together. Players who enjoy strategy games like Splendor, Go, and Carcassonne will enjoy PeltaPeeps.” – by Calli Welsch

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with 2 game versions, especially when this is your 1st one?

We’ve been successfully playtesting a lite version of the game for some time. It’s just as much fun, faster, and provides a lower cost entry point for owning the game. It’s called the PeltaPeeps Core game.

So there’re 2 versions of the game- the lite “Core” version and the Full game. The Core version is exactly like the Full game except there are 8 playing pieces per player color (team). Full game has 16 playing pieces per player color (team).

Can you place a counter face down to start with?  

Yes. There’s been some confusion about this because the rules state you must play a piece each turn and it has to connect to at least one other already in play. They do NOT say you have to place your piece face up or face down.

We believe that game rules should be as short and as simple as possible. They should support a strong game mechanic that delivers a level playing field. Rules should not restrict inventive ways to play within them. If it isn’t in our rules, it’s fair game for novel ways to play.

The rules on Tabletopia state there’s 1 Bonus point for every same team Join, but the game review counts them twice- 1 for each piece connected. Which is it?

It’s only 1 Bonus point per team (color) connection to their own color. Not an extra point for each piece sharing the connection. Example: If 3 same color playing pieces are connected together in a row at the end of the game. Total same team connections would be 2 and that player would get 2 Bonus points- not 4 (the result if counting each piece).