If the following story isn’t entirely true, it should be. (portions of it are indeed fact)

Some years ago an old glass maker made a large glass table top under strange and wonderful circumstances. It was during the 6 long days the glass was slowly cooling that 2 furious winter storms came in from the dark, northern Pacific ocean. Houses all around lost power both times, but not the glass studio. If it had- the table top would have broken to bits from the great stress of cooling far too fast. Astonishingly, it came through that stormy week in one glorious gleaming piece. Looking at it, he knew full well how he’d made it, but it was different somehow. It seemed the colors and design more playful and lively, but difficult to place. Maybe like the far away sound of a music box or a child with the giggles.

After he set it on a wooden base, his family fell in love with it so much so, he couldn’t sell it. They had many good times sitting around it with friends- eating, talking and often playing all kinds of games. Over the next several years there were more peculiar happenings and it became clear this was no ordinary table. They joked it was the “magic” table.

Then it was by accident they discovered that if good drawing paper and a sharp pencil is left on the glass overnight, during certain times of the year, something unreal happened. In the morning everything needed to make a new game was all laid out in sketches on the blank paper of the night before. Oddly, it didn’t seem surprising that the designs fade away after whoever finds the drawings takes a good long look at them. Stranger still- many sketches in one way or another, include special shapes called peltas.

When the family actually made and played one of the games from the magic table, it was such a pleasure they knew they had to share it. And that’s how Pelta Games was born or so the story goes.

The photos below, from hidden cameras, caught what goes on near midnight on the magic game table when not a soul’s around. New game sketches stopped appearing until the cameras were removed. They are now forbidden.

Fact is stranger than fiction.

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