PeltaWorld ONE Game

PeltaWorld ONE is our 2nd game and we are excited to announce it is ready for Playtesting in Studio 1063, Door #2  at Lowe Mill. 

Playtest Events every Saturday  
Noon – 3 PM

What is PeltaWorld ONE? It’s a STEM board game for 2 to 4 players, loosely based on cellular biology, communities, and climate change.

Playing Pieces

The Realms of PeltaWorld need to grow. Be the greatest of the Realms of PeltaPeeps Clans to lead PeltaWorld by establishing colonies, controlling resources, defeating rivals who try to meddle, and developing power Domes to deliver sustainable resources and growth.

board layout

But, be careful how you do it! Overdevelopment can trigger severe Natural Disasters affecting all of PeltaWorld. Outshine the other clans with wisdom and strength to win the allegiance of all PeltaWorld.

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