PeltaWorld ONE is our 2nd STEAM board game and we are excited to announce we have been Playtesting it.  We have gotten alot of positive feedback and have made some updates which make the game more challenging and fun. 

What is PeltaWorld ONE? It’s a strategy/worker placement board game for 2 to 4 players, loosely based on cellular biology, communities, and climate change. Things happen when TechnoPeeps and EcoPeeps face off, trying to build their Realms. 

Playing Pieces

But, they have to be careful how they do it.  Their goal is to deliver sustainable resources and growth without ruining the environment. Overbuilding can trigger severe Natural Disasters affecting all of PeltaWorld.

Outshine the other clans with wisdom and strength and you will build the greatest Realm.

Here’s the challenge – The second highest score wins the game!