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As the Magic Table has revealed- PeltaPeeps are searching, “on behalf of the original Peltragons, (to) find the home they seek.” It just came to light that in this search, they recently discovered an ancient MemeMech, originally from the Worlds of Peltan.

The Table says MemeMechs were built by Peltragons for them and the Peltasaurs to use in fighting the MEME Plagues during the IDwars.

MemeMechs are thought controlled. And Peltasaurs turned out to be the best pilots because their telekinetic powers were so very strong. Oddly, even though the Mechs were built thousands of years ago- PeltaPeeps fit into them perfectly.

Stranger still- when PeltaPeeps 1st tried out the MemeMech it was clear they too have psychokinetic abilities. Powers they never knew they had! Unfortunately, with their new found powers a bit sketchy and the Mech in need of repairs, it was a wild ride.

Now, a chosen few PeltaPeeps hope to build up their new powers, fix, and then learn to operate the Mech. It just may help them in their quest.

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PletaPeeps Find a MemeMech

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