V2 Super MemeMechs

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The Magic Table has now revealed that PeltaPeeps on PelStar have been madly working on new  V2 Super MemeMechs. And they’re almost ready.

The old Watchtowers on PelStar still work and some time ago started activating randomly. Now they’re issuing incoming warnings including some Extreme Threat ones. These “ghost” signals seem to be a new threat from trans-dimensional creatures who wink in and out of being. The good news is PeltaPeeps are uniquely equipped to deal with this as they’ve done some winking of their own from time to time.

Whatever’s going on, more tech in a new generation of MemeMechs 100 times faster, tougher, more powerful, and with new abilities- couldn’t hurt. One of the added Mech powers is a very experimental Ephermera mode so complex no one knows what its full capabilities are with any certainty.

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