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According to the Magic Table- where the PeltaPeeps came from, how they became who they are, and what makes them tick is pretty involved. In fact, it covers a very long, er… time, the Fise & Rall of Peltandia and even much about the very Worlds of Peltan.

All this can be terribly difficult to make sense of especially to humanoids. Some of what’s such a jumble has to do with basic ideas about things we take for granted like Time for instance. Peltan time isn’t really from past to present to future. So, not surprisingly, Peltan ancient history is always changing.

Another example is many creatures of the Worlds of Peltan don’t really die. They just go away, vanish, or become dormant. They may reappear or awake in a few days or thousands of years later or not at all. Such were the Peltasaurs.

The Magic Table says that to know PeltaPeeps one must go all the way back to those magnificent beings- the Peltasaurs. How they came to be is unclear at this point. But Peltasaurs were a type of telekinetic metasaur. They were sought out for their powers and wisdom. For many generations the Peltasaurs were in decline as they became peacefully assimilated by Peltragons. They even joined forces with Peltragons to protect the Peltan system from the Akquid Terror and Akquid designed- MEME Plagues.

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Percy and Beatrice

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