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The PeltaPeeps have been busy! Seems now they’ve found an ancient ruin. The Magic Table believes it must be the Old PelStar Watch Tower. Long ago, during the ID Wars, Peltragons rebuilt the Old Watch Tower on PelStar outpost. It’s deep space scans searched for incoming threats then send mal-arms in time to fend off the Akquid Terror.

watchtower on PelStar

Not far from where the PeltaPeeps found the MemeMech, they stumbled upon the Watch Tower complex while getting better at piloting. It’s as if the Mech was taking them there! Exploring the strange buildings, they realized among all the piles of parts and machinery was stuff to Bling ‘lo their sweet MemeMech ride! Maybe even build a few new ones to help those homeless Peeps get to the other side.

First off, they found out all #MemeMech systems energize from a crystal core of fused IDeers (pronounced “id-ears”), like this-

MemeMech Core

PeltaPeeps are very quick learners- always in a rush. In a flash, the 1st Mech was better than new. Then they turned to building a couple of very custom ones in such a flurry, no one’s sure what they can do! PeltaPeeps are like that.

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