PeltaTESS is a brand new strategy game and we are excited about it’s upcoming release. The game itself is complete and ready to go! Update: due to the pandemic, the publishing date has been postponed again. Please check back as we hope to get up and running again by the 1st of the year.

PeltaTESS is a game that doesn’t need rules- you can just play with it! Here are four- 7×7″ squares with special pieces in 4 colors. They can be put together to make all kinds of interesting designs. You can also make a pattern inside any one of the squares that tessellates (repeats forever in all directions like squares or hexagons can). Or you can just make interesting designs by yourself!

But the challenge is when each player places one playing piece of any color in the squares :

  • New pieces must fit against an existing piece or part of the square’s inside cutout.
  • The pieces are NOT allowed to touch any other same color piece or square by sharing a matching side of their shape. In other words, same colors can NOT share adjacent sides.

And – PeltaTESS is also a fascinating, placement game for 2 to 4 players. Use different color pieces to make a tessellating design in those special squares. Earn victory points by placing pieces within up to 4 different color squares.
The Player with highest score WINs. And the Game ends when-

  1. Players complete ALL 4 squares, or
  2. Any player can’t place a new piece in any one of the squares.

The rules will get you started, but you can always make up your own rules too! 

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PLEASE NOTE: We are “eventless” at this time due to the pandemic. We hope to see you again soon. So stay home, be safe, and play games!