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Play is Art & Art is Play

What The Pelta

At Pelta Games- Play is Art and Art is Play– and that means create games that are just plain fun. We’ve got a Magic Game Table, some pretty exciting ideas, Art, and design to make that happen. In fact, Pelta Games came about in a strange and wonderful way.

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Whatz Nu

September 1, 2017
Top Ten Reasons PeltaPeeps is ridiculously fun.

Pelta Games is thrilled to announce our 1st game-

August 17, 2017

Up Next- Starting an Art Poster Series #PeltaPeeps

August 13, 2017
PeltaPeeps at Dragonflight 2017 on Aug 25-27

Join us at Dragonflight 2017, a 3-day celebration

July 8, 2017
Fav T-shirt Poll

Our new game PeltaPeeps will be released for sale

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