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What The Pelta

At Pelta Games- Play is Art and Art is Play. Play is the creative center that all of us start with. It nurtures all creatures from our earliest moments and is critical in helping us grow an understanding of ourselves and our world. This is where the primordial urge to Make takes form as expression. It’s no less than the power and essence of mind and stuff- whew!

Anyway, what better way to help grow that than create games that are just plain fun. So we’ve got a Magic Game Table, some pretty exciting ideas, Art, and design to make that happen. In fact, Pelta Games came about in a strange and wonderful way. To find out more, please go to How Pelta Games got Started.

Whatz Nu

December 6, 2018

Check out this teaser to find out who we are.

November 22, 2018
Percy- Stay, GO

Did you ever get the feeling that you wanted to

September 21, 2018

The selection of the final version from all the

August 31, 2018
Big Mistake Letting PeltaPeeps in the Kitchen!

Made what a mess with their wild foodie

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