Pelta Games is Regrouping

The last few years a category 5 hurricane destroyed all our game making equipment followed by several relocations while everyone involved in Pelta Games managed to survive Covid several times. The latest relocation is to Greece which was done because that is where peltas came from and seemed the best place to continue doing something

New- Super MemeMechs

The Magic Table revealed that PeltaPeeps on PelStar have been madly working on new  V2 Super MemeMechs. And they’re almost ready. The old Watchtowers on PelStar still work and some time ago started activating randomly. Now they’re issuing incoming warnings including some Extreme Threat ones. These “ghost” signals seem to be a new threat from

PeltaPeeps at Dragonflight 2017 on Aug 25-27

Join us at Dragonflight 2017, a 3-day celebration of tabletop gaming on Aug 25-27 at the Bellevue Hilton, WA to play PeltaPeeps. AH…PELTAPEEPS…. Easy to learn but difficult to master, it’s a game of calculation and diplomacy. Place tiles to make connections, then flip or move other people’s pieces–but not your own! Improve someone else’s