/ V2 MemeMech Test Shields
May 17, 2018

V2 MemeMech Test Shields

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May 17, 2018
Watchtower Mech Shield Test

Watchtower Mech Shield TestPeltaPeeps used the ancient MemeMech they found on PelStar to test shields on their new V2 MemeMechs. They always get a real  c h a r g e  out of blasting stuff.

So did the Grand Watch Tower because the testing set off the Tower’s alarm system- kaBoom! Nothing like 100 GiGAwatt ball of fire to brighten your day. Of course the lightning was fun too… even it wasn’t planned on.

But, while the energy seen here looks familiar- it’s not what you think. In the Worlds of Peltan, things are very different. For instance, these Mechs are amplifying psychokinetic powers of the PeltaPeep pilots to generate incredibly intense Meme Pulses much like super lasers on Earth focus light into concentrations of enormous destructive power. (see video below)

The ancient MemeMech on the left is blasting the new V2 Mech at point blank range with enough disruption to completely obliterate the old Mech if the tables were turned. The 1st blast is deflected by the V2’s armor alone causing next to no damage. The remaining blasts are completely neutralized by the V2’s active shields.  Result-  near zero damage. The new units are far tougher than expected.

When PeltaPeeps set about to make something, they do it more than right because there’s an old Peltragon saying- “too much is never enough!”


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